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Rev. Osho Genjo Marinello: The Meaning of Life and the Great Vow

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genjo-marinelloIn the Zen tradition we learn that when it comes to the big questions such as “What is This reality?” and “Who’s asking?” and “What is the meaning of life?” there are no answers and no way of knowing.

Knowing is considered a delusion of the rational discriminating mind. However, investigating these very questions is essential and indispensable in facing this Great Matter of life and death.

Over years of meditation practice, and great dedication to this investigation, we come to accept with equanimity No Knowing. I think every sage, scientist and philosopher recognizes that any deep question that appears to be answered only leads to ever more profound and unanswerable questions. Regardless, every sage, scientist or philosopher worth their salt, never ceases their perpetual inquiry into the nature of this Great Matter.

I don’t know why we are here. I don’t know why the universe is here. I…

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