Kokoro (Heart-Mind) Consulting


Psychotherapy and Spiritual Direction are offered by Genjo Marinello, M.A., LMHC, Zen Abbot of Chobo-Ji, in the Library – Office, Unit 7 at 1733 S. Horton St., Seattle, WA 98144. Genjo sees adults, couples and sometimes adolescents, and enjoys working with people who are aware of their own journey of awakening. He works easily with LGBTQ clients and those with sex positive attitudes. His work includes traditional talk therapy in line with the thinking of Adler, Jung, Winnicott and Maslow.  Office hours are Tuesday – Thursday, 8AM – 5PM.

METHODS: I provide clients with my own synthesis of spiritual direction and mental health counseling. In the role of a spiritual director, I will try to be a catalyst and mirror for clients to discern and deepen their sense of communion to that which best remains nameless. I will provide various tools and parables to stimulate more freedom, creativity and compassion in this life. In the role of a mental health counselor, I will be primarily client centered and existential in my approach. You can read an interview on my orientaion and methods in this issue of Presence.

TRAINING: My academic training consists of an undergraduate degree in Psychobiology from UCLA (1976), a M.A. in Psychology from Antioch University (1991), and a graduate level Certificate in Spiritual Direction from a program affiliated with the UBC Vancouver School of Theology. Since 1980 I have served the Seattle Buddhist community as a Zen priest. I have served as a group therapy leader in the “Promoting Autonomy Clarity Esteem” program of the Seattle Mental Health Institute, and an individual and couples counselor at Community Counseling Services in West Seattle. Also, I have lectured and put on workshops at the University of Washington, Center for Spiritual Development, and have served as Adjunct Faculty at Antioch University.

FEES: The initial session fee is $130 (couples $140). Subsequent sessions (45 min.) are $200, or based on a sliding scale

INTERVIEW: Portrait of a Spiritual Director

206-328-3944 or email: gm@choboji.org