Dues and Donations

Dues and Donations go to support the life of this temple.  We have no outside support from any national or international organization.

With the monies collected we pay a small stipend to the wife of our retired abbot; in addition, we pay for our zendo, and the costs of putting on our retreats.

Practitioners who wish to make a deeper commitment of time and support can become members.  The main requirement for membership is a monthly financial contribution to the temple.  Dues are a suggested donation of $75 per month, more, if possible, or less, if need be.  You are the master of your giving and whatever amount you gift per month will be deeply appreciated.  Monthly contributions are tax deductible and entitle you to a discount at our week-long sesshins.  You may apply for partial scholarship to sesshin if you want to attend, but have insufficient funds.

The suggested fee for any morning or evening practice period, including Tuesday night introduction and Sunday night Dharma Talks is five dollars.  The $5 fee is waived for all members who make a monthly contribution of any size.

The suggested fee for mini-sesshins is $25.  Fees for the March, June, and September sesshins are $300, and Rohatsu Sesshin is $350 ($490 if out of town) and except for Rohatsu partial scholarships are available on request.  The suggested fee for our three day Odayaka sesshins is $130.  If you are from outside the Seattle area and are planning on staying nights at Chobo-Ji please consider an additional donation of $10-$20 per night. Members may subtract their one month’s dues from the week-long sesshin cost.

Feel free to make a donation online through Paypal: which can also be used for monthly contributions and sesshin payments.